Spikeball In Action! | Storming Beaches Everywhere!

Spikeball sets have been rolling out the door at The Good Sport. To be honest, it is one of the most awesome games to hit the beach–probably since the surf board and the flying disk. We have them and would be happy to give you a live demonstration. Stop by the store.

In addition to the beach, there have been more and more campus Spikeball sitings as the game has gained momentum. Buy one now, become a Spikeball champion, take it back to school with you in the fall. Win, win!

You and 3 friends are stranded on a deserted beach…

…which awesome summer beach game would you choose? KANJAM or SPIKEBALL?


The concept is quite simple. You have one flying disk and two large cans. Each team takes turns trying to get the disk into the KAN–with the help of a teammate poised to JAM. Two minutes of training for a sport that will last a lifetime! Win-win!


A combination of volleyball and foursquare with a mini-trampoline as the center point. This is the perfect way to exhibit your athletic prowess–as well as your keen awareness to the laws of physics. Brains & brawn. Once again–win-win!

In addition to being great beach games, KanJam and Spikeball can be the catalysts that empower even the sleepiest of graduation parties! Stop by our store, we have both games and stock.
– Cheers, The Good Sport